The last couple of days I have been working on the canopy release mechanism, a.k.a. canopy jettison system.
When complete, there will be a handle in the instrument panel, that when pulled will release the canopy at the forward hinge points. Many builders skip this system, but I decided to include it.

First I had to align and drill the hinge block assemblies to the forward ribs. Using the top bolt as guide, I clamped them in place.
Canopy 001 [1600x]

Then drill the lower holes through the thin block, marking the alu spacer.
Canopy 002 [1600x]

Then removed them, and completed the holes in the drill press.
Canopy 003 [1600x]

Finally I put them back in, installed the skin temporary to align the small ribs, then drill the holes through these as well.
Canopy 004 [1600x]

I also removed the F-697 subpanel reinforcement, and fitted the canopy release bellcrank block.
It is installed with 2 nutplates.
Canopy 005 [1600x]

Riveted it in place…
Canopy 006 [1600x]

…then clecoed the centre subpanel back in.
Canopy 007 [1600x]

Next up was the rods that connects the canopy hinge pins to the release bellcrank. I used a cutting disc in my drill press, worked like a charm! 🙂
Canopy 008 [1600x]

Canopy 009 [1600x]

Canopy 010 [1600x]

 To make the wide gap in the hinge pin ends, I simply rotated the tubes, and made another cut.
Canopy 011 [1600x]

To make room for the tubes, I had to modify  F-697 subpanel reinforcement I little.
Canopy 012 [1600x]

  Also had to make a slot in the F-643 channel.
Canopy 013 [1600x]

 Not too bad.. 🙂
Canopy 014 [1600x]

 Canopy 015 [1600x]