June 24, 2008

Leading edge/fuel tank cradle

Category: 3: Wings (Total 309h) — Steffen @ 22:14 — Hours: 3

Great night at the shop tonight. Feels good to finally be back on track. If you spend too long away from the project, it gets much harder to get started again.

First I finished straightening and fluting the leading edge rib flanges.
(see this post for more info)

There is one leading edge rib in each wing that is thicker than the others and comes without prepunched holes. In order to know where to make the flutes in this, you have to mark where the holes will be, using the leading edge skin as template. So it was time to dig out the leading edge skins from the box…

Here it is! While I was at it, I thought I might as well go ahead and build the leading edge / wing tank cradle.

First I took 2 pieces of chipboard, then I traced a rib down to it using a 5/16″ spacer

..then I cut it out whit the jig saw!

Then I added a couple of 3×3’s and some strips of carpet, and voila!!

It fits like a glove!!

Now I can trace the prepunched holes in the skin to the rib.

It’s a little hard to see, but they’re there..

Last leading edge ribs straightened and fluted!

Having the leading edge clecoed together, I thought I’d test fit it on the wing! Wow, fits real nice…  thats it for tonight!

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