January 14, 2009

Began building flaps

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After almost two weeks away from the project, I’m finally back.
I have had some long days at work since newyears participating in a major inspection of a Fouga Magister. Some of my colleages and I have spent almost 3 years rebuilding it from a fire, and now it is finally finished. Only some final paperwork and it is ready for testflight. You can read more about this on our company website:
Air Service Vamdrup
Photo by Gørup©

So, back in the shop I started out on the flaps tonight. Here are the parts laid out:

First I deburred and polished the edges of all the ribs, spars and skins. As always I used my deburring bit first, then my diegrinder with scotch rondels. See this post.

With all the parts ready, I clecoed the left spar and ribs together and matchdrilled them.

Next I clecoed on the bottom skin. It was getting late, so after I had made the 4 shims you can see to the left, I called it a night. It feels good to be back in the shop though!! 🙂

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