After some much needed time off, I am back on the project.

During the past few days, I have managed to install the last bits and pieces missing, and change the project to an actual aircraft! 😀

One of the things missing was Pitot and AOA probe line connections in the left wing root.
The first angle connections I had purchased were only 6 mm, and were way to tight on the lines.
During my vacation, I managed to find them in 1/4 inch. They sit really well, with no sharp bends and no posibility in interfering with the left aileron pushrod. (Removed in this photo….)

I also installed ducts for cabin heat..

…and fuel pump vent.

The flap position sensor was installed and rigged.

Finally the seat belts were installed, finishing the cockpit.

I drained all the fuel except unuseable, which was only around 3 dl in each tank.
Then I installed the engine cowling and last wheel strut fairings, so I could weigh the aircraft.

To my surprice, the aircraft was lighter than I had anticipated, only 518 kg. 🙂

I forgot to take a photo while on the cells, but of course the tail was lifted in order to weigh the aircraft in level condition.

A complete plane, ready to get the engine tested some more. 😎

While I was doing engine run, my instructor Palle came out and shot some nice photos of my plane.