Before starting to work on the wings, I still had a little to do on the empennage.
First, I had to install nutplates on the fuselage for the upper empennage fairing.

The lower fairing strips gets countersunk for the screws.
I fixed them in place with double-sided tape, and countersunk using the fuselage rivet holes as guides.

Then I drilled and tapped the holes for the 6-32 screws.

Last thing to do on the empennage was to install nutplates on the horizontal stabilizer.

Next up was getting the wings adjusted and drilling the aft spar bolt holes.
Although my wing sweep was within range, I wasn’t perfectly satisfied.
I had about 3/8″ forward sweep on both wings.

The culprit was the forward part of the fuselage aft spar, that was hitting the inner wing rib flanges.

I removed one wing at the time, to trim a little of the spar bar.

After that, the wings were perfectly in line.

I adjusted the wing incidence according to the plans.

Before drilling the aft spars, I installed the flaps to check the fit under the fuselage.

I had to trim a little of the inner upper edges, to keep them from rubbing against the fuselage.

The fit under the fuselage was nice and flush.

After tripplechecking everything, I drilled a pilothole in each wing aft spar.

I used a piece of alu extrusion as a drill guide, to drill them to just under final size…

Then reamed them to final size and installed  the bolts.

I had marked lines for the lower gap skin screw holes before installing the wings. I used these to mark and drill the holes.

Next up is to install the flap bellcrank and drill holes through the fuselage for the control rods.
I fabricated the rods after I got home yesterday.
Oh, and I just realized I’ve passed the 2000 hour mark. đŸ˜€