In order to trim the baffles to fit the upper cowl, I made 4 extensions rods.

With the extra room, I was able to mark some of the baffles for trimming.

The side baffles were harder to reach. I used paper clips, pressed down by the top cowl to trace the cowling shape.
It took a few cuts before it was great.

This was the second trim marked on the forward baffle bulkhead.

Forward baffle bulkhead finsihed!

With the baffles almost done, I desided to dig out the alternate induction air door.
This door will be operated with a cable from the cockpit, and alow the engine to keep running in case the filter gets blocked.

I marked a good position on the intake duct…

…and cut the opening.

The inlet flange had a tap, that needed to get bend to make a notch and stop for the door, like this:

Next I matchdrilled the door to the intake duct.

Finally I dimpled the rivet holes and countersunk the duct. Next step is to bond the flange to the duct.