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Hi everyone! It’s been a bumpy ride the last month. My wife gave birth to a beautiful little girl, it was a complicated birth and the baby wasn’t breathing just after, but she quickly recovered. Then my wife Camilla got really really sick. In the end they had to operate her, it seems her appendix had blown up inside her some time during the end of her pregnancy. That explains why she was is such pain the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy. She is doing better now, we just came home from the hospital after spending over 4 weeks there. Pweew!!

So this is why I have been neglecting the plane over the last 5-6 weeks. Thing are going much better now and I hope to be back in the shop in the very near future!! 🙂
Emily 028

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  1. Kent

    Hej Steffen.
    Jeg er glad for at høre at det går fremad med din kone.
    Det er et herligt billede af jeres lille pige. Tillykke tillykke.
    Hilsen Kent

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