Although it has been a while since my last RV post, I have managed to put in a few hours now and then.

Most of the time has been spent preparing and installing the cockpit vents.
Instead af the stock plastic vents that are shipped with the kit, I am installing these vents removed from a CRJ 200 cockpit I helped salvage at work about 5 years ago. They have the exact same size, so they fit perfectly..

The instrument panel had to be trimmed a bit to make room for the vents.

Here the vents and airduct adapters have been trimmed to fit. I also had to make 2 small support brackets, that rivets to the sideskin.

A lot of builders glue the intake NACA scoops to the skin, but I desided to add a few keeper rivets as well. The will get a layer of epoxy filler afterwards.

A small batch of parts ready for primer. The brackets to the right are for the roll bar assy.

I used proseal for the NACA scoop flanges.

Installed! I let the sealant cure, before installing the keeper rivets.

Here the eyeball vent brackets have been riveted…

…and vent installed. 🙂