To add a spacer to the aft left baffle, I had to remove a few rivets, then trace the shape to a new spacer.

I primed the spacer before installing it.

The spacer installed…

Its a little hard to see, but the spacer creates the required room for the rivets.

I also painted the new canopy handle angles, after riveting them in place.

With the baffles nearly done, it was time to cut the baffle seals, that will seal aginst the top cowling. First I made templates, then traced them onto the seal fabric.

They were pretty easy to cut with some good scissors.

I decided to add a few more reinforcements to the baffles, as well as the ignition cable grommets.

I primed the new reinforcements, together with the magneto covers. They were a bit corroded, so I decided to repaint them.

I also primed and painted the sparkplugs and ignition cable ends.