While waiting for my EGT & CHT sensor thermocouple wiring, I decided to make the landing gear leg fairings.
First I trimmed them according to the template.

Then I had to make notches in the upper ends, for the clamps that will fix them to the legs.

I trimmed and matchdrilled the hinge halves to the fairings, then countersunk the fairings, deburred and primed the hinge halves.

After the primer had cured, I could rivet and test install the fairings.

I also chose to add a Bluetooth receiver to the stereo-in port on my COM radio. The G3X has a very nice music function, with options like auto muting when speaking on intercom, radio Receive/Transmit ect.
The module has adhesive on the back, but I haven’t chosen were to put it yet.

Finally, my thermocouple wire arrived.

I routed all the sensor wiring from the GEA to the engine probes, careful marking the positions.
I used crimp terminals,  reinforced  with shrink tubing.

A couple of hours later, all my engine wiring is complete.

The last connector installed in the GEA module.

All temp sensors are now online..  🙂