I had a very productive day in the shop today. I made the fuel tank access openings, matchdrilled the fuel caps and drains and started deburring the tank aft walls.

Here is the inboard tank walls, the access panels and the opening reinforcements.

First I clamped the access covers to the ribs and drilled the screw holes…

…then I clecoed on the reinforcement rings and drilled the rivet holes.

After that I deburred everything and clamped the rings back on to trace the opening.

I used a fly-cutter in my drill press to cut the holes. Turned out pretty nice!

After deburring the opening, I dimpled the tanks wall rivet holes, and countersank the reinforcement ring holes. I am not riveting these on just yet, since I’m planning to aludine all the tank parts.

Next thing was to make holes for the fuel vent line fitting and the bnc connector for the fuel quantity harness. Used my unibit for that..

Then it was time to prepare the fuel caps. Notice how the flange is thicker on the sides, this is to match the curve of the skin. These are the deluxe caps by the way… and they are beautiful!!

I clamped the fuel cap to the skin, adjusted it to best fit and drilled it using the skin as guide.

Done!! I countersunk the flanges too, to fit the dimples in the skin.

Next I matchdrilled the fuel drain brackets. I used a bolt to center it over the skin hole.

Last I started deburring the tank aft walls (Baffles) I finished the left one…