Wow! Almost 4 months since my last post,.. sorry about that!
It’s not that I haven’t worked on the RV, but I’ve had some nasty surprises that I’d had to deal with. More about that in a bit.

On my last post I was almost ready to hang the engine. I spend one last night building the battery box.
According to the drawings, I cut the 4 lightning holes. I had to purchase a new steel hole cutter for the job.

After smoothening the holes, I sanded the box down inside and out.

Then I matchdrilled the brackets to the box, countersunk the holes and riveted the brackets.

Finally I traced the holes to the firewall, and riveted on the nutplates.
Ready for primer and paint…

At last I was ready to hang the engine.
I had to make a slope to get it down the few stairs to my basement, then used an engine crane to lift it inside and onto the fuselage…

It all went great, except…

The oil sump interfered with the engine mount!!! 😳

After spending a month or so figuring out what to do, I ended up ordering a new cold air induction sump manufactored by Superior.
I received it about 6 weeks later, and it fit like a dream! 😀

After testfitting it, I removed it for primer and paint.

Well, that’s one issue fixed.
Next problem was my exhaust system. After much research, I’d decided to purchase a dual muffler system from Vettermans. I put in the order around the same time as the oil sump, and it actually arrived on the same day.
Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that the system was for a parallel valve engine instead of a angle valve engine like mine, so the flanges were oriented different.

After being pissed at myself for a day or two, I cut the flange welds carefully; bolted the flanges to the engine and positioned the exhausts in the desired positions.

My good buddy Thomas is a hell of a welder, and he offered to drop by and weld it for me.. problem fixed. 😀