I have had a couple of productive weeks.
First, I prepared the aft fuselage skin for riveting, and had my trusted ol’ riveting buddy Bent help bucking the rivets.
Thanks again, Bent! 🙂

We also riveted on the static ports..

I then prepared a bunch of parts for primer and paint: the cowling brackets & spacers and aft window retaining strips.

I then primed and painted the parts…

…I also painted the aft window edges, and the area of the aft window covering the roll bar reinforcement channel.

Meanwhile my Camloc order from Aircraft Spruce arrived.. 😀

I also spent an hour finishing the battery box retainer bar.
First I measured out the bolt holes and outer lightening hole locations..

…then used a rivet spacing fan to mark the rest of the lightening holes.

I used a stepdrill in my drill press to make the lightening holes..

The finished product!

Another thing i have been postponing for too long, was the fuel vent lines in the forward fuselage.
They took som time to fabricate, but are finally done.

    I also prepared the mount for my combined COM/GPS antenna. I love the design of this antenna.. 🙂