I have been spending way to much time on my engine cowlings lately, but at least they’re finally starting to fit.

After having clecoed on the top to bottom cowl attach brackets, I was able to trace the fastener holes to the top cowling.
Well, all except the two aft holes in each side. I couldn’t reach back that far..

With those holes marked and drilled, I could continue deburring the attach strips.
After that I primed them together with the instrument panel.

After the primer had cured I bonded them to the cowling, holding them in place with clecoes while the expoy cured.

With the bond cured, I countersunk and riveted them as well.

Fast forward an hour, and the top cowling was also installed with camlocs.

Next I dug out the parts for the oil access door.
I had purchased 2 Hartwell latches and a hidden hinge from Aircraft Spruce for this setup.

To get the latches to fit properly, I had to fabricate two small shims.

They took some time to make but also saved me some time, as they could be used as templates for cutting the holes in the door.

The access hole cut in the top cowling, hinge matchdrilled to the cowling.

I’m quite happy with the result! 🙂