During the past months, I have been working on getting the various tasks done on the cowling and baffles.

I laid up some layers of fiberglass in the forward corners of the lower cowl, to better support the upper cowl.

After that, I reinstalled the engine mount, landing gear and engine, in order to finish the baffles.
First step was to fit the intake duct, a.k.a. snorkel.
To do that, I first had to adjust the angle of the left intake floor baffle, so it aligned with the cowl opening. Then I cut a piece of wood the diameter of the snorkel opening, and attached it to the injector with doublesided tape. This assures that the snorkel opening is aligned with the injector opening, when adjusting the fit to the baffle floor.

As you can see, the snorkel requires a lot of trimming.

After a bit of trimming..

I cut the filter opening approximately .5″ under final size, to allow for adjustments when performing final trim.

I wasn’t quite happy with the first filter brackets I made, so I have ordered replacement angles from Van’s.
Until i receive them, I continued with the right forward bulkhead baffles.

I also made a bracket that will support the left forward bulkhead baffle from the prop governor.