I finished the alternate air door last week.
First I mixed a batch of epoxy with the shredded fiberglass supplied with the door kit.
The result was a nice thick paste, that would stay in place while curing.

After the epoxy had cured, I installed the blind rivets and sanded the surface smooth.

I also spend some time last week finetuning the forward baffle floor and bulkhead, as well as deburring, countersinking and dimpling.
These baffles are almost ready for primer and paint.

Yesterday I received an order from TS Flightlines. All my engine hoses, steel fittings for the fuel lines, and also upgraded brake hoses for the cabin.
The quality is excellent! 😀

The next project is to install the oil cooler, so I dug out the parts…

I managed to deside the exact spot I will put it. In this photo it appears to be rather close to the engine mount, but the clearance is actually ok.
The top corner of the bracket that extends past the baffle will get trimmed away.
I need to position it this high, for the attachment nutplates to clear the cylinder cooling fins.
Before proceding, I need to bend a reinforcement angle, will do that tomorrow..