During the past month, I have been spending a lot of time planning my avionic installation.
I have decided to install a Garmin G3X, with remote mounted com radio and transponder.
I will also install 2 axis autopilot, and engine monitoring.
I will add a backup battery for the essentials like the EFIS screen, engine montoring and ADAHRS (Air Data, Attitude & Heading Reference System)
Besides that, I will install backup compass, airspeed indicater & altimeter.

The G3X is a touchscreen EFIS system, everything is controlled through that screen, also COM radio, Transponder & Autopilot.
The result will be a VERY clean cockpit. 😉
I have received most of the Garmin parts, however, there is a long lead time on the screen itself.
Until it arrives, I am carefully planning component location and cable routing.

I’m drawing detailed wiring diagrams for the avionic and power distribution. For that, I am using a vector drawing program called InkScape. It’s free, and works like a dream.

I have also spend a little time on the aircraft as well, like install the starter cable.

I also created the prop governor cable bracket. First I made a template..

Then I traced that template to a piece of .080″ alclad sheet.

The extra material is for reinforcement flange and cable attach flange.

After bending the flanges.

After trimming the flanges a bit, I drilled the attachement holes and installed the bracket.
It still needs primer and paint, and maybe I will add some lightening holes also.