For the last two months I have been designing my avionics.
I have most of my wiring planned by now, and except for a few orders, I also have all my hardware.

Today I finally did a bit off work on the aircraft again.
My panel layout will be like this. There is still lot of space for future expensions.. 😉

Luckily I have a quite large stock of circuit breakers from salvaged aircraft.
Here’s the cb’s that will go into my instrument panel.

I marked their location..

…drilled the holes and installed them.

Then I selected the spot for my G3X monitor.

With the location selected and marked, I could start fitting my instrument panel support rib removed almost 6 years ago.. 😀
(Forward fuselage deburring –

It is very important to support the instrument panel well, to avoid vibration. Especially as I am installing my ADAHRS on the rear of the G3X monitor.

I needed to create an angle bracket, to attach the support rib to the subpanel.

This should support the panel sufficient.

Next on the list was cutting the hole for the G3X.

Next will be the backup instruments, then the switches…