One of the things on my engine to-do-list, was to make the brackets for the throttle and mixture control cables.
Like always, I started by making cardboard templates. It’s an easy way to figure out how to shape the bracket, where to place angles and so on.

Once happy with the result, you have a cutting template you can flatten and trace to the metal.

First I made a sample in thin sheet. It is also good to have, as I don’t have a sheet bender and can use this for angle references when bending.

Template traced to .080″ alclad sheet.

I cut and bended the bracket at work the other day, then drilled the bolt and cable holes.
I am not quite happy with the angle of the cable flange, also, I have decided to remake it in stainless steel.

I also made a template for the mixture cable, so I know how much stainless steel plate to buy.

The mixture cable bracket will be much smaller.

The two templates are ready, all I need now is some stainless…