The last few weeks I have been trying to finish the firewall.
I still had to add a bunch of anchornuts for various attachments, like ground cables and clamps.
I am adding 3 anchornuts for clamps to hold the oil and manifold pressure hoses, 2 anchornuts for clamps to the engine breather line and 2 anchornuts for battery and engine ground cables. This one is the pressure hoses, temperarally installed as drill template.

This one in for the battery ground cable..

With those prepared, I could finally install the firewall recess. I applied firewall sealant to the flanges before installing it, then closed the remanding holes with sealant after riveting.

Firewall is almost complete. I still need to add another Eyeball fitting for the alternate air cable, but haven’t decided exactly where to put that yet.

I still had some parts to install behind the subpanel.
I found a good spot for the Garmin engine interface unit (GEA 24). This unit will be connected to all engine sensors, as well asĀ  fuel sensors, trim and flap sensors etc, and will transmit that data to the EFIS.

I made these two small attachment angles for it, just need some primer.

I also added anchornuts for the main bus fuse and the amp-meter shunt.

And for the avionic backup battery.

Last thing I did for now was to wire the flap mixer relay deck I have designed.
There will be flap switches on both yokes, this relay will disengage flap movement, in case of disagreement commands.