Next on my firewall to-do-list was to make a reinforcement bracket for my gascolator.
I had bought Van’s prefabricated gascolator bracket, but unfortunately the gascolator drain would interfere with the cowling attachment in that location.
So, I had to make a complete new bracket, here it is roughly cut..

This is the location I am aiming for. Note how the drain line clears the cowl attachment.

After a lot of TLC, the bracket looked pretty much like the original, but with the gascolator holes in the new position.

Next step was matchdrilling it to the firewall.

The bracket ready for primer.

Next I drilled the engine control cable holes for eyeball fittings…

Eyeball fittings installed, the ‘eyeballs’ not yet installed.

I decided to place my fuelflow sensor inside the aircraft, where it is nicely protected.
I had to make a small bracket to support it…

While I was making that bracket, I figured it might as well support the current limiter I am adding to the alternator K-line. (Feeder line)

Finally a small batch ready for primer. The small cylinder is the brake fluid reservoir.

After letting the primer cure, I riveted the brackets to the firewall.

Installed the master & starter relay again, as well as the new alternator limiter.

A view from inside..

Installed the fuelflow sensor.

…and finally made the last fuel line from the pump to the fuelflow sensor. Except for the fuel lines between fuselage and wings, the fuel system is now complete.