I have had a quite productive week.
First, I had ordered som labels for my instrument panel. I had them made in transparent foil, with a matte surface.
I think that will work just fine..

I decided to remove the engine & mount, to get access to the firewall.
I still need to add some stuff to it, besides, its a lot easier to reach inside while i do the wiring.

I installed the parking brake valve. I made the bracket for it a little while ago..

With that installed, I could make the two lines that go to the firewall fittings.

I bought 2 stainless steel firewall passthroughs seal kits for the wiring.

This one is for the power connections.
Unfortunately the Master/Starter relay bracket was in the way, but I figured I could trim the bracket a bit, and reuse the corner rivet..

Bracket removed..

The fitting riveted in place. I added some firewall sealant to the flange before riveting.

I drilled the mounting holes and installed the sensor manifold.
The top sensor is for manifold press, the middle for oil press and lower is for fuel press.

I also need a wiring passthrough here, for the engine connections