To complete the canopy latch mechanism, I dug out the following parts.
Canopy 045 [1600x]

First I marked centre lines and optimal vertical locations for the bolt holes on these blocks.
Canopy 046 [1600x]

Then I clamped the latch weldment in place with the blocks installed, to mark the final position of the bolt holes.
Canopy 047 [1600x]

The vertical position is determined by the slot in F-705, made about 7 years ago.. time flies! 🙂
Canopy 048 [1600x]

The first mark was quite off center, so I had to adjust the hook arm a bit to get the position right.
Canopy 049 [1600x]

After getting the position right, I backdrilled through F-705 a few mm, then finished the holes in the drillpress. After that I bolted the whole assembly in place.
Canopy 051 [1600x]

Finally I trimmed the control rod to length, tapped 1/4-28″ threads in the ends and installed it.
This is closed position…
Canopy 052 [1600x]

…and this is open position.
Canopy 053 [1600x]