I decided to install baffle seals in the cowling air inlets. To hold these seals in place, I had to make support strips.

Then I cut a strip of baffle seal, and installed it with clecos. The seal will get installed with flush blind rivets later.

I had to make some adjustments, to get the left forward baffle wall to fit.

First I made a cardboard template, to figure at the shape to trim the baffle wall.

After trimming the wall and adding a couple of bends, the wall fits quite nice.

Next I fabricated a couple of angles, to connect the wall to the baffle floor.

A test fit with lower cowl and filter installed…

To get a nice baffle seal fit on the outbord corner, I made a small bracket to minimize the gap.

After that, I continued on the right side. The inboard baffle wall fit pretty well, but I will have to make an adjustment bracket on the outboard side too.

Meanwhile, I received an order from JD Air. I decided to upgrade my canopy latch, as well as my fuel vents. The quality and design from JD Air is amazing.. 😀

The new latch compared to the stock from Van’s. Note that the new latch will be flush with the fuselage.

I removed the original latch, and made the cut lines for the new latch. It will just barely cover the old rivets, and the 3 holes that are not cut away, will be plugged by rivets. To be continued…