I have now finished wiring most of the avionics. The Com radio and Transponder is completely done, including the intercom.

Since I have a set of Bose headsets with LEMO connectors, I decided to add sockets for them along with the standard sockets.
The cool thing about this connector is that it also supply power for to the active noise reduction system in the headset, so no need for batteries.

I decided to place the sockets in the roll bar support channel, so I removed the channel cover plate. It was just installed with some very thin double-sided tape.
Then I drilled holes for the sockets and installed them.

It took some time to wire it, but I’m happy with the results. 🙂

I tested the intercom after completing the wiring, works great!

As you can see, the COM, Transponder and Audiopanel systems are now available.

I also installed the flap actuator momentarily, to find a good length for the power and sensor wires.

All I have left to wire now, is the trim and flap sensors, and the engine probes and sensors.
I have already pulled the wires for trim and flap sensors, and the fuel probes.
I am missing a connector that was shipped incorrectly from Garmin, but I should receive it some time during next week.
The wires are pinned and ready to install once I get it.

There’s quite a lot of wires behind the subpanel now, but I have tried to keep it tidy.