I have had a couple of setbacks lately.
First, after finishing the intercom, I noticed a bit of crackling noise with the headset noise reduction activated.
I found out that it was coming from the transponder, and that it was a common issue with Bose ANR headsets and ADS-B out transponders.
First I tried temporary installing a different type of transponder antenna, but that didn’t help.
As far as I could tell from various newsgroups, the only solution was to move the antenna further away from the intercom.
So I plugged the original hole and moved the antenna 1 frame further aft.
It didn’t cancel the noise completely, but it is barely noticeable now.

A photo from the inside of the new antenna cable routing.

I received the two last engine cables a little while back. I installed them and they fit great.

Another issue I came across, was the upper cowl inlet ducts.
I have been postponing them for to long, mostly because I knew the left duct would interfere with the forward prop governor.
The first thing I did was to drill and cleco them to the upper cowl.

As you can see, the governor is in the way.

Well, it didn’t really take that long to trim it to fit around the governor, but unfortunately I need to trim the forward baffles to fit around the ducts as well.
For now they have been glued to the cowling, then I’ll worry about the baffles next…